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Samantha Lace

Heyo friends!!

I'm Sam!! You clicked this page because you obvi want to be bffs, and that's only my greatest dream!! 

Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I'm married to a handsome guy named Chris(swoon)!

  • I'm obsessed with our dog, Lucy.

  • I love a good French Press.

  • I'm located in the beautiful Carolinas!

  • I LOVE to travel!!!

  • I believe Coke is better than any other soda in this world—especially if you add a lil whiskey.

  • I LOVE photographing people (duh).

  • As a kid, I thought my parents named my middle name after a shoelace (el oh el)

Why Lace & Lavender?

Lace is actually my middle name!! Aside from my middle name being Lace, I have always had a love for lace fabric. Most Fridays my hubby and I go thrifting, and I spend most of my time looking for Lace-covered things because I love it so much! I think it is truly so beautiful! To me, Lace has so much detail and each piece is so unique!

Lavender is one of my favorite flowers. When I hear or see the word lavender, I automatically think of my wedding day that was drenched in Lavender bouquets and decor! Lavender has such a distinct smell and look, and it’s one no one will ever forget. That’s exactly how I want people to see their photos! I want them to be able to look at their photos as a specific memory that they will cherish forever!! Together, I want Lace and Lavender Photography to allow people to have memories that capture their joy and love, especially in the details.