Palm Springs - Day 1

Vacation Vacation Vacation!!

Chris and I are vacationing in Palm Springs for a few days, so I figured I should recap each day the only way I know how…through pictures!! So here we are!! Enjoy!

We started off our early morning (because jet-lag) by grabbing some cold brew coffee from a local joint called Koffi. Also, note the cute pups leading the way!

We then made our way to the one and only Moorten Botanical Gardens aka Pinterest Photo Heaven.

These next two photos are called, “It’s Hot—A Series”

but fr fr everyone needs to experience this insane green house…

Once we left the gardens, we headed off to brunch at Lulu’s!! Everything was beautiful and extremely delish! After lunch we spent the afternoon ShOpPiNg, and tbh I put my camera away. YOLO I guess!

to the 5 of you that made it all the way here, ily. :)